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Welcome. we need your help!!! Please sign up to chair or serve on a committee.


Thank You for taking the time to investigate.  We would love to hear from anyone interested in volunteering their time to participate on one of the committees below.

Our Committees Are:

Awards:   This committee works on determining prizes for the three HHSA shows that are held at the Equestrian Center as well as the year end awards.  This committee has a budget to work with and is responsible for ordering all of the prizes and getting them to the shows and Awards Banquet.

Awards Banquet - Year End:  The Banquet Committee plans the entire banquet from the food selection, budget, pricing, contract negotiation, choosing DJ, centerpieces, invitations, mailing of invitations, seating arrangements, preparation of Banquet booklet and its printing as well as assisting in the setting up and breaking down the day of the banquet.

Fund Raising:  Over the course of the Calendar year 2005, this committe works on fund raising activities in support of the club and its acquisition of prizes, maintenance of facilities, ribbons etc.  This is where we strive to give as much back to the membership as possible through corporate and personal contributions.  Our most successful fundraising efforts are associated with our Sponsorship Program.  This involves the contacting of businesses in the community and surrounding areas to see if they would be interested in sponsoring one or  more of our show divisions.  Other activities including food concessions, bake sales, HHSA water sales and the raffle and silent auction at the Awards Banquet.                       

HHSA Shows - 3 over the course of  the Season: HHSA hosts 3 shows during the year.  These are held at the Bel Air Equestrian Center.  This committee is responsible for contacting judges, preparing prize lists, ordering ribbons, working in the entry booth, preparing and setting up jump courses for each ring and arranging food concessions.  For each show, we need volunteers to assist in the entry booth, serve as a gate keeper to one of the three rings operating (1/2 day maximum), jump crew to either set up or breakdown, grounds clean up after the show - we have to leave it the way we found it!! 

Medals Final:  The Medals Final Committee contacts the appropriate "R" judge from out of state. Makes the neccessary accomodation for that judge.  In addition, contacts a course designer, announcer, picks decorations for the jumps, assists in set up/breakdown of courses, prepares the invitations and mailing.  Accepts RSVP's, assembles random jump order, contacts sponsors in support of this show, picks up prizes for the day, labels prizes.       

Rule Book:  The rule book committe works with the Officers and Board in the maintenance/editing of our current year book.  The committee is responsbile for researching proposed rule changes (what other orgs are doing/how they handle situations) and making recommendations based on their findings relevant to the rule changes proposed.  The committees is also responsible for investigating situations that arise during the course of the season that may call for a rule change.  Use of a computer and Access to Microsoft Word is necessary.  Once the rule book has been reviewed/discussed  by the board and voted on at the open meeting, it is the job of the committee to arrange for its publication and distribution.

Web Site:  This committe reviews the site periodically for content, accuracy etc.          

Please contact Mike May, HHSA President, for any questions.

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