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Medal Finals 2009

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Medals 2010


These are the final points for 2009 - no changes will be made.

Congratulations to our winners!!!  

Child on a Pony

1st - Brody Goll

2nd - Maisie Porter

3rd - Victoria Niller

4th - Megan Foard

5th - Heather Scampton

6th- Alexis Owings

7th - Lexi Pasqual

8th - Casey Welsh

U.S.E.T. Final

1st - Megan Sullivan

2nd - Liz Peters

3rd - Virginia Williams

4th - Michelle Tomasini

5th - Michelle Casler

6th- Brittany Hewes

Child on a Horse

1st - Natalie Schlicht

2nd - Abigail Skillman

3rd - Mallory McGrady

4th - Morgan Hoke

5th - Briana Kenerson

6th- Courtney Ensor

7th - Cierra Hovermill

8th - Kelsey LeBuhn

Please contact Mike May, HHSA President, for any questions.

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